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Before deciding if membership to the TCNJ Honors program is right for you, ask yourself if you:

  • Often feel that you want to know more about a subject than is taught in class
  • Enjoy working independently to learn more about a specific topic that interests you
  • Are focused on the process of learning sometimes more than the product itself, even if it is not necessarily measured by a grade in class
  • Always push yourself to do and be more
  • Are drawn to having a purpose in life, being able to give back to others
  • Are not afraid of a challenge, even if it means missing the mark the first time through
  • Enjoy being around others who have the same passion for learning
  • Are fascinated by complicated issues and enjoy analyzing and debating contemporary events with others

If you find yourself identifying with most of the above statements, you are likely to enjoy and benefit from being a member of the TCNJ Honors Program.

Membership for Entering First Year Students

Entering first year students who demonstrate independence, creativity, and the desire to engage in challenging courses and projects in a broad area of disciplines are recommended for admission to the TCNJ Honors Program.  Students are invited to become members of the Honors Program as part of their admission to TCNJ. We look for students who have a broad range of backgrounds, but who all are deeply committed to academic engagement and intellectual and creative growth. Students represent all disciplines within the school and a wide range of backgrounds and identities. Entering Honors classes have a maximum 150 students which represents about 10% of the incoming First Year class.

Membership for Matriculated and Transfer students

Matriculated and Transfer students may always apply to join the program after completing at least 4 units (4 units at TCNJ are typically equivalent to 12-16 credits at other institutions), with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. Application instructions and materials are available below.


Application to Honors Program   For Current TCNJ Students ONLY

Reference Form

Entering First Year students will be evaluated as part of the TCNJ admissions process and will be invited to join or apply.