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Student Advisory Board

The Honors & Scholars Program (HSP) Student Advisory Board consists of student representatives from each of TCNJ’s seven Schools (Business, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Nursing and Health Sciences, Arts & Communication, Education, & Engineering). Students are the primary stakeholders in TCNJ’s Honors & Scholars Program: in their capacity as both stakeholders and representatives, the HSP Advisory Board meets with the Program Director once a month, to coordinate events and community-building activities.

The primary purpose of the HSP Student Advisory Board is to facilitate communication between the students of the Honors & Scholars Program and the Program Director; members of the Student Advisory Board may also volunteer to serve as Student Representatives to the Honors & Scholars Council (HSC).

In January of each academic year, the Director solicits self-nominations for membership on the Student Advisory Board for the following academic year (i.e., in January 2023, members will be solicited for the 2023-2024 Student Advisory Board). If there is more than one self-nomination from a particular School, the Director, in consultation with the current Advisory Board will choose the representative. Students must have completed two Honors courses to be eligible to serve on the Advisory Board; additional consideration will be given to students who have demonstrated active participation in the Honors Program such as attendance at Honors Program community events, service as a student representative on the Honors & Scholars Council, and/or Lions Day and other recruitment events.

If there are no self-nominations for candidates from a particular School, the Director, in consultation with the current Advisory Board, will solicit volunteers. Students may serve on the Advisory Board for a total of two years.

During the Spring semester, newly elected members will attend monthly Board meetings and “shadow” the current representative for their School, as needed, to learn about ongoing projects, events, and/or initiatives.