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  • A student must complete at least 5 units (20 credits) of Honors study.  The 5 units may be earned through coursework, study abroad, or independent research.
  • Of the 5 units, one must be completed during the first semester in residence at TCNJ as an Honors student.  (Over 90% of  incoming freshmen complete this requirement by enrolling in an Honors First Year Seminar.)
  • A second unit must be completed by a student’s 4th semester in the program.
  • Of the 5 units, one must be in philosophy or religion and one must meet the College’s Global requirement. (No single course can be used to meet both of these requirements.)
  • Departmental Honors projects can (upon approval by the Honors and Scholars Program Council) count toward the 5 units of Honors. Note that to receive honors credit for BIO 496 students must also take BIO 394; honors credit is only given for BIO 496. Similar prerequisites may exist in other departments.
  • 2 of the 5 units can be earned through Honors-by-contract study.  Honors-by-contract allows a student to complete a traditional course for honors credit, when the student and professor together agree to a set of enhancements (in research or performance) that raise the demands placed on the student to the Honors level. Only full-time faculty can supervise an Honors-By-contract. Exceptions might be granted on a case by case basis; students must make a clear case for an exception in the proposal by the deadline.
  • One study abroad unit may count toward College Honors, when approved in advance by the Honors Coordinator.
  • A student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.00 and a GPA in their Honors courses of 3.00 to remain in good standing. If a student’s GPA  falls below these requirements, the student has 2 semesters to get it back on track.
  • In order to graduate in the Honors Program, a student’s GPA (both TCNJ overall and Honors specifically) must be in good standing at the time of graduation.

Outstanding Scholar Spring 2013 Mary Jane Dempsey with Pres Gitenstein, Prof Wright, Prof Hutton