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The TCNJ Honors & Scholars Program requires that students complete a minimum of five units of Honors study. Transfer students who have successfully completed at least four units of Honors study at a previous institution must complete an additional three units of Honors study at TCNJ.

Honors study emphasizes a nuanced and cross-cultural understanding of issues.  For this reason, one of the courses required for the Honors program must be in philosophy or religion, and another must have a global emphasis.  No single course can be used to meet both of these requirements.

Units may be earned through a combination of Honors courses, study abroad courses, Honors-by-Contract course enhancements, and Honors Projects. A second unit must be completed by a student’s fourth semester in the program. Any request for an exemption from Honors & Scholars Program requirements must be sent to the Program Director for review.

Courses that satisfy College Honors include courses specifically developed by associated faculty of the Honors Program, Honors by Contract (HCB) course enhancements, and Honors Projects.  Departmental Honors projects can (upon approval by the Honors Program Director) count toward the five units of Honors.  Only two Honors by Contract courses, and only one Honors Project can be used to satisfy the Honors Program requirements.

The Honors program allows up to one study abroad course to count towards College Honors.  Course selection should be determined in advance and submitted for approval by the Honors Program Coordinator.

To remain in good standing in the TCNJ Honors Program, a student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.00 and a GPA in their Honors courses of 3.00.  Students will be dismissed from the Honors program if their GPA  falls below these requirements for 2 semesters.  In order to graduate in the Honors Program, a student’s GPA (both TCNJ overall and Honors specifically) must be in good standing at the time of graduation.