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“Honors is more than just a set of classes, it’s an experience. My best friends today are the ones I met in my honors classes and on my honors floor freshman year.”

Sean Marotta, philosophy major 

History and Mission

The TCNJ Honors Program was founded in 1978 to offer high-achieving students an enhanced educational experience within the College.  It is overseen by the Honors Program Council, which is made up of faculty, staff, and students from all across campus, and the Honor Program Coordinator.  It is a College-wide program that is not associated with any single department or school.

The Honors Program supports a select group of student and faculty scholars within the larger TCNJ community, by providing a 3-pillared framework of course and extracurricular opportunities for those who seek to think deeply, break barriers, and to make a purposeful difference in their lives.

The Program enhances cross-cultural and disciplinary thinking through a unique group of course offerings, non-honors course enhancements, honors projects, and through courses that team-taught by a pair of faculty members from different disciplines.

Graduates of the program receive special recognition on their official transcript. Completion of the Honors Program is a mark of distinction that is valued by professional schools and graduate schools, as well as by prospective employers.

Program Goals

The Honors Program strives to:

  • Challenge talented and motivated students to reach beyond the scope of traditional TCNJ curricula,
  • Provide small and challenging classes, that focus on the in-depth study of unique topics that cross disciplinary boundaries,
  • Provide a framework of course options that allows students to be active stakeholders in their scholarship,
  • Encourage students to look at issues beyond the lens of their major and their cultural background, from a wide variety of angles and perspectives,
  • Encourage faculty to work with faculty from other discipline, to create courses that explore exciting new topics and theories, and to experiment with new pedagogies,
  • Facilitate strong learning relationships between Honors students and TCNJ Honors faculty,
  • Provide support, resources, and programming that nurtures a community of like-minded scholars,
  • Create a model of academic excellence and innovation for students and faculty across the college,
  • Prepare students for graduate and professional schools, and leadership roles, and
  • Help students earn competitive fellowships and recognition for their academic accomplishments and service to the TCNJ community.