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The TCNJ Honors & Scholars Program was founded in 1978 to offer students an enhanced educational experience within the College.  It is overseen by the Honors & Scholars Council, which is made up of faculty, staff, and students from all across campus, and the Honors & Scholars Program Director.  It is a College-wide program that is not associated with any single department or school.

The Honors & Scholars Program supports a group of student and faculty scholars within the larger TCNJ community, by providing a 3-pillared framework of course and extracurricular opportunities for those who seek to think deeply, broaden ways of thinking, explore subjects in new and creative ways, and to make a purposeful difference in their lives.

The Program enhances cross-cultural and disciplinary thinking through a honors course offerings, non-honors course enhancements, honors projects, and through courses that team-taught by a faculty members from different disciplines.