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Honors & Scholars Research Project


The Honors & Scholars Research Project offers an opportunity for students to receive Honors & Scholars Program credit for departmental honors coursework or a faculty-mentored scholarly or creative project.

Only 1 Honors & Scholars Research Project may be used in fulfillment of Honors & Scholars Program requirements.

An Honors & Scholars Research Project typically takes place in an upper-level independent research or capstone course (e.g., 391, 393, 493, 495/496, 499, etc.).  Students must have approval from the program or department in which this course takes place before applying for an Honors & Scholars Research Project. Note: An Honors & Scholars Research Project cannot be used to replace or supplant departmental requirements.

Students who complete an Honors & Scholars Research Project are expected to disseminate the outcome of their work through a publication, presentation, exhibit, or performance (such as TCNJ’s Celebration of Student Achievement or the Journal of Student Scholarship or other appropriate venue).


Students who wish to undertake an Honors & Scholars Research Project should submit the request form available here.

Forms must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the Friday of the second (full or partial) week of classes for fall and spring courses. Late submissions will not be considered.

Students who are interested in undertaking an Honors & Scholars Research Project during a January-Term, Maymester, or Summer session should consult with their faculty mentor and the Honors & Scholars Program Director prior to Registration.

Completion of Honors & Scholars Research Projects

At the end of the semester, the instructor should submit the Google Form available here.

The student should upload a copy of their completed Honors & Scholars Research Project to the Honors & Scholars Google Drive: a link to this Google Drive folder will be provided in the notification email sent to the student at the start of the semester. (The link can also be obtained upon request to