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Benefits of Honors & Scholars

If you are interested in cultivating a growth mindset, enjoy the intellectual challenges that come from engaging in scholarly and/or creative activities, and want to expand your academic career and build your resume, then TCNJ’s Honors & Scholars Program is for you!

Students admitted to TCNJ’s Honors & Scholars Program can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Priority registration: the opportunity to register before others in your academic cohort (based on earned course units)
  • Monetary prizes & scholarships: the opportunity to apply for prizes and scholarships awarded by TCNJ’s Honors & Scholars Council and by the National Collegiate Honors Society (NCHC), respectively
  • Leadership & community: the opportunity to serve on the Honors & Scholars Student Advisory Board and Honors & Scholars Council, and to represent the Program at Lions Day recruitment events
  • Academics: the opportunity to take courses available only to other Honors students, as well as pursue your own intellectual interests through options such as Honors-by-Contract and the Honors & Scholars Research Project

TCNJ’s Honors & Scholars Program is what our students and faculty make of it.
We hope that you will consider applying to join us!